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Acapulco Mexico... The Playground For The Rich And Famous With World-Renowned Natural Beauty And Famous Beaches.

Where Generations Of Tourists Have Watch The Brave Dive The Cliffs At La Quebrada. No Matter What Sights You See The Cuisine Of Acapulco Is The Most Impressive. From Ceviche, Made Famous In Acapulco To Pozole, So Heavily Rooted In The Culture It Has Its Very Own Day. Guerrero, The State Which The City Of Acapulco Resides Is A Producer Of Coconuts And At Adelicias You'll Find Lots Of Coconut...Coconut Ceviche, Coconut Ice Cream, Horchata De Coco And Coconut Margarita. From Smokey Mezcal To The Salsas...Taste Our Cuisine At Adelaidas Mexican Restaurante And You'll Be Immersed In The Spirit And Culture Of Acapulco.


I’ve Had The Opportunity Of Working With Adel On Several Occasions. I’m Not Sure How She Does It, But You Can Put The Same 5 Or 6 Ingredients In Front Of Five Or 6 Different Cooks, And Her Food Will Somehow Always Taste Fresher And Better. She’s Cooking From The Heart.

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Adel's Salsas Are Intoxicating And Hypnotic, I Know For A Fact! I've Had Adel Help Me In Delivering Cooking Classes, Her Salsas Pico De Gallo And Cilantro To Name A Few, Were The Welcoming Nibble. It Is Hard To Teach When The Guests Are Staring At Adel For The Entire Session In A Hypnotic Salsa Trance Begging For More.

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